Oxyhelp – We celebrate oxygen to rejuvenate life

We are committed to conquering all the positive properties of oxygen and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to achieve overall well-being.

Paracelzus and Oxyhelp present non-medical hyperbaric chambers designed for wellness centers, spas, beauty salons and personal use. In cooperation with our partners, we advocate modern procedures, we are innovative and we follow new achievements in the world, which we bring to our operations.

Oxygen helps the body rejuvenate its self-healing properties. Most of our health problems today are caused by oxygen starvation at cellular level. Boosting the influx of oxygen into our blood flow is known to greatly accelerate recovery times and help our natural immune system do the healing work and improve overall wellness, energy and fitness. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a procedure in which we breathe pure oxygen inside a chamber with increased atmospheric pressure (up to 3 times higher than normal pressure) to improve the natural healing powers of our body.

Healthier with every breath

  • Will serve patients for years with minimum running costs and maintenance.
  • Delivers amazing results really fast and lets you make every therapy session count.
  • Is intended for people of all ages, to make them feel stronger, healthier, more energized and free of pain.
  • Worldwide accepted medical equipment, affordable price range.
  • All necessary certifications issued and available.

Interior comfort

  • The door is pressure-sealed, no hinges or other closing mechanism that could be subject to pressure load stress.
  • Anti-friction bearings permit easy door slide movement by hand.
  • Anti-bacterial leather like interior.
  • High quality resin fiber loop mattress and pillow – 90% of the core material is air to help dissipate heat and moisture generated by the body during therapy. Allows good ventilation through the entire chamber. It also helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. – Made in Japan.


OxyHelp uses the best solutions for delivering high quality oxygen during hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions. For all OxyHelp accessories of the chamber, contact us and we will be happy to send you our catalog.


New web shop

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber related equipment is avaiable for sale on bonanza.com..



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